NYOS Jazz BopCamp #nyosfromhome


Welcome to the first #nyosfromhome JAZZ spring course! Today we visit BopCamp course director Andrew Bain to discuss structuring our practice during lockdown. Join us at 4pm for Andrew’s next film all about listening.

It’s Day 1 part 2 of #nyosfromhome on the Jazz BopCamp spring course and we return to course director Andrew Bain as he shares with us his curated Spotify playlist and asks us to listen to different arrangements of the same song to gain insight and understanding of how to create our own versions. Enjoy!

Andrew's Spotify Playlist

Welcome to Day 2 of #nyosfromhome on our Jazz BopCamp course. Today we visit tutor Steve Hamilton with his top tip for practising jazz at home. Steve also demonstrates how to achieve accompanied practice while in isolation.

Steve’s recommended resources:

'There is no Greater Love' Play Along: https://youtu.be/Vmwo2VkeAEM

iRealBook https://irealpro.com

Band in a box: https://www.pgmusic.com/bbwin.htm

Jamey Abersold play along series: http://jazzbooks.com/jazz/category/AEBALL

Welcome to Day 2, part 2 of #nyosfromhome on our Jazz BopCamp course with tutor Steve Hamilton talking about how crucial listening is to jazz musicians especially when trying to learn improvisation and how we can listen to music in different ways.

See you tomorrow for our final two excellent films with course director Jules Jackson. They should keep you busy for a while, promise!

It’s day 3 of BopCamp on the #nyosfromhome series and today we’re with course director Jules Jackson. In this film Jules covers rhythmic vocabulary and jazz harmony. He has also made a ‘How To’ section for creating your own practice tracks on Logic or other software. Enjoy!

Here’s a link to sheet music Jules creates during the film:

BopCamp Rhythmic Vocabulary 1 PDF

It’s day 3, part 2 of BopCamp on the #nyosfromhome series with course director Jules Jackson. In this 2nd film Jules goes further into the process of improvising with the original rhythmic idea alongside exercises to practice displacing it throughout the 2 bars as written out on page 2 of the music. Link above. Enjoy!

We will be in touch as soon as possible with an update regarding our summer activities and courses. In the meantime, we hope you enjoyed our #nyosfromhome series, thank you for your patience and remember to stay home, stay safe and look after one another. Hopefully see you all very soon.