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If you are aged 9-14 and play a string, wind, brass or percussion instrument or harp then NYOS Academy is for you. There are no auditions to take part! To help you join in this July, NYOS is hosting courses in three separate venues, so please make sure that you apply for the location most suitable for you.

It's not too late to apply, while we've closed the applications for our national course in Glasgow, you can get in touch with us via email on ensembles@nyos.co.uk to find out if you can still secure a space on our regional satellite courses, or to make a late application for Glasgow. 

Grade/Skill Equivalent: Grade 2 to 5

2024 Dates

Aberdeen (Regional)
Monday 15 - Tuesday 16 July - Cults Academy, Aberdeen
Apply for NYOS Academy | Aberdeen

South East Scotland (Regional)
Wednesday 17 - Thursday 18 July - Rosehill High School, Wallyford
> Apply for NYOS Academy | South East Scotland

Glasgow (National)
Friday 19 - Saturday 20 July - Hutchesons' Grammar School, Glasgow

What is NYOS Academy? 

NYOS Academy is the new name for the foundation-level project previously known as the NYOS Training Ensembles. It is a short, non-auditioned two-day course aimed at developing ensemble music-making skills for those in the early to intermediate stage of instrumental study.

The non-residential courses are designed for young people to develop their musicianship in a fun, inclusive environment, to enjoy playing as part of a group, and develop essential skills such as listening, teamwork and following a conductor.

The courses are led by a team of sectional directors, with the support of our experienced tutor team.

What does NYOS Academy cost?

The full fee for all NYOS Academy courses is £140 per person, but bursaries are available, and you may be eligible for a free or subsidised place. We can also provide support for travel and accomodation costs. You do not need to provide any financial information at the time of application. 

You can find out more about applying for financial assistance on the dedicated information page. You do not need to supply any information before applying. 

> Financial Assistance for NYOS Courses

Ready to Apply? 

We are delighted that you are interested in joining us at one of our NYOS Academy courses in 2024. If you have any questions about the course or financial assistance, please email ensembles@nyos.co.uk

> Apply for NYOS Academy | Aberdeen
> Apply for NYOS Academy | South East Scotland

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