Meet Our Members

Violin player in the National Youth Orchestra of Scotland prepares to perform

Who is selected for NYOS?

Every year, our orchestras are made up of skilled young musicians from all corners of the country, welcoming those with a connection back to our nation, and bringing together players with a passion for making-music as part of a NYOS programme. 

While we celebrate how the 100+ musicians in each orchestra join together to play their part, each member of the orchestra is an individual too, dancing to thier own tune, writing thier own stories and at different stages of their musical journey. 

Meet NYOS Members

If you would like to see who each of the successfully selected musicians are for our orchestras in 2024, then check the pages below to see our orchestra member lists. If you have any questions about who is in our orchestras, you can contact a member of the team via email on 

Some of our courses require specific instruments, based on the programme for our concerts. Additonal names of musicians may be added or removed from the main orchestra lists as the year progresses. The below lists are correct for the Spring 2024 season. 

Orchestra Members 2024

> NYOS | Scotland's National Youth Orchestra Members 2024

> NYOS Development Orchestra Members 2024

If you have queries about alumni or previous orchestra members, please get in touch with our ensembles team via