New Campaign from ABO Launched to Celebrate Classical Music | #MusicThatMovesYou


A new survey conducted by The Association of British Orchestras (ABO) has shown that people believe that orchestras have an important role to play in the nation’s cultural life, with 74% saying that orchestras are a vital part of the UKs cultural heritage. The results are revealed as orchestras across the country, together with their supporters, today join forces to launch a bold nationwide campaign to celebrate the value and power of connection that classical music brings to the UK.

Along with campaign partners Classic FM, Classical Music Magazine, LIVE, UK Music, the Musicians’ Union (MU) and the Independent Society of Musicians (ISM), the ABO and its member orchestras will share – and celebrate – the special connection that classical music can evoke. The National Youth Orchestras of Scotland are proud to support the campaign and will be encouraging our orchestra members, supporters and our community to share what piece of music moves them. 

The campaign’s purpose is to inspire the British public to celebrate and share what classical music means to them. Through the hashtag #MusicThatMovesYou, people are invited to show their love of classical music and support for UK orchestras by sharing a piece of classical music on social media that has moved them and what the music has meant to them in their life.

British orchestras are some of the UK’s most globally admired and influential cultural organisations and a pillar of the country’s creative economy, and the new survey has shown that it is at the heart of some our most important personal and national moments. According to a new survey of 2,000 UK adults released today by the ABO, conducted by Opinium, four in five of UK adults suggest that music has reminded them of important moments in their life. 71% of people believe that classical music amplifies the big moments in life such as weddings, funerals, sporting events and national ceremonies, with nearly three quarters (73%) of 18-34 year olds agreeing with this. Moreover, 65% of the ABO’s survey felt that classical music is under-appreciated by today’s society.

Classical music is listened to in a variety of settings: concert halls, on the radio, streaming, and the survey recognises a multitude of emotional responses that respondents felt whilst listening to the music. The most common words were relaxing (37%), timeless (36%), powerful (36%) and emotional (33%). Furthermore, the survey found that younger generations - 73% of 18-34 year olds - want to be completely immersed when listening to their music, contrasting with 59% of 35-54 year olds, and 43% of 55+ year olds.

Seven in ten of UK adults from the ABO’s survey believe music is an important part of their wellbeing. With many orchestras and ensembles carrying out performances in health and social care settings, not only do they contribute to the cultural life in local communities across the country, they make a vital contribution to the nation’s wellbeing, by enabling anyone to connect with the arts and to experience live music performances.

The Association of British OrchestrasChair, Sophie Lewis, said: It is truly heartening to see how much classical music matters to the British public. Our survey showed how people turn to classical music in so many different settings, not only forpure enjoyment, but for reflection, mindfulness and to feel a powerful sense of connection – whether thats a highly personal sense of emotion, or to share lifes special moments with those around them."

"Everyone has their favourite music that transports them to a landmark moment in their life. We want to start a conversation open to everyone - both enthusiasts and casual listeners of classical music - to introduce one another to the music that moves them. We want to spark engagement and excitement for us all to celebrate the music that we can be proud of in Britain as a part of our cultural heritage, showcased by our members on a world class level.”

Philip Noyce, Managing Editor of Classic FM, said: "Classic FM has always supported orchestras in the UK and we know how much their incredible passion, skill and dedication means to our audience – which is why we are delighted to be supportingthe ABO's campaign. Classic FM listeners love orchestral music for so many reasons: it has such a rich history, with centuries-worth of material, and yet it still has so much resonance today, with the power to bring calm, comfort and focus, and to energise, inspire and motivate in equal measure. We are thrilled to support this campaign that will help people connect with our nations amazing orchestras in new and powerful ways.”

Florence Lockheart, Editor of Classical Music Magazine, added: “The immense value of the creative sector that Classical Music strives to serve is continuously underestimated. Partnering with this campaign we hope to raise the profile of classical music across society and to make the case that the industry deserves recognition and support which is reflective of the enduring impact of this artform and the enormous amount of effort and passion which members of the sector bring to their work every day.” 

Discover more about the campaign by visiting the ABO website, or by following on social media @ABOrchestras and #MusicThatMovesYou