We want to ensure that all eligible young musicians apply for the opportunity to take part in Scotland’s National Youth Orchestras. If you don't see an answer to your question below please do not hesitate to contact our Jazz Ensembles Manager, Jill Dykes by phone on 0141 332 8311 or via email at jilldykes@nyos.co.uk

What is the Closing Date for Applications?

The closing date for all applications is midnight on Tuesday 28 September 2021.

Do I Qualify?

If you are Scottish, or study either at school, university or conservatoire in Scotland, or have family ties in Scotland but live elsewhere, you are eligible. 

Am I good enough?

Our guidelines for the appropriate standard are as follows:

NYOS Jazz Summer School (aged 12-21)

Vocalists and instrumentalists who are comfortable on their instrument and share an enthusiasm for jazz. We welcome all levels to this course, including young people with less experience but who are keen to learn more and develop.

NYOS Jazz Access (aged approx 13-18): 

Proficient on instrument with some experience of improvising. Vocalists also welcome.

NB the Access courses (BopCamp & Summer School) are intensive residential courses with an emphasis on developing improvisation skills, and students must be aware of this

NYOS Jazz Orchestra (aged approx 14-25): 

Minimum Level: ABRSM 6 (or equivalent) and MUST be a competent/experienced improviser. Vocalists also welcome.

I haven't sat the exam, can I still apply?

YES. Our eligibility guidelines are just that: guidelines. We don’t need to see any certificates but we do need you to make a realistic assessment of your potential.

May I apply on more than one instrument?

YES, but please complete a separate application form for each instrument.

What will I have to prepare?

Please refer to the automated email sent to you after you submitted your online application to find all audition information and audition materials.

Where will auditions take place?

All 1st stage Jazz Auditions are submitted via video recordings. Once we have received your application form, you will be emailed instructions with a copy of the Recording Guidelines and the video submission date.

Some applicants may be invited to attend a second stage audition. These will be held on the 20 & 21 November 2021.


When will I hear about the result of my audition?

Results will be emailed to all applicants in early December 2021 once all the submissions have been considered and any additional auditions have taken place.

What are the course dates for 2022?

Please find the course dates for all jazz courses here.

What are the annual membership fees?

Details of the annual membership fees for each orchestra can be found here

Is there financial support available?

Yes, no student who successfully auditions for any NYOS ensemble will miss out due to financial circumstances.

Click here for further details regarding financial assistance

Further Information

If you have any further questions please do not hesitate to contact Jazz Ensembles Manager, Jill Dykes, by phone on 0141 332 8311 or via email at jilldykes@nyos.co.uk