Application Process


1. Complete an application online via the NYOS website and upload a passport style photo of yourself (paper copies of the form can also be printed from the website).

2. You will then receive an email with a private Google Drive link to a range of familiar jazz standards with associated backing tracks

3. Choose the TWO standards which you feel give an accurate portrayal of your current level and experience of playing jazz.

It is in your interest to submit your form as early as possible to give you time to prepare and record your audition video!

4. Submit video recordings of the two pieces (either with live backing or the backing tracks provided).

Please read our Recorded Submission Guidelines carefully. ALL applicants to the NYOS Jazz Programme are asked to submit video recordings as part of the audition process.


Application forms: Midnight on Friday 25 September 2020

Video recordings: Midnight on Friday 16 October 2020

It may not be possible to consider late submissions.


PLEASE NOTE: your application is to the Jazz Programme as a whole and the decision which course/ensemble will be best suited to you remains with the Directors, irrespective of which pieces you choose to play in your recorded submission.

Once the Directors have seen your video recording, if they wish to consider you for either NYOS Jazz Access or the NYOS Jazz Orchestra, you may be invited to attend a live audition (either in person or via video call - subject to social distancing and government guidelines) in November.

Following selection, all applicants will either be invited to the Summer School, or to become a member of NYOS Jazz Access or the NYOS Jazz Orchestra.

All applicants will be notified of the outcome of their application in December.


You may wish to ask your instrumental teacher, school, music centre or regular ensemble members if they are able to help you with either the performance or the recording.

You must play your pieces with accompaniment. Backing tracks for all the charts will be available in the private Google Drive link provided and you can choose to use these for practice and if you wish, for the recording itself. However, if you play regularly with an ensemble, you may prefer to ask the rhythm players to accompany you; or you may wish to enlist the help of a teacher who could accompany you on the piano; if possible due to social distancing restrictions.


  • Applicants must present at least two choruses of solo for each piece, and comp if appropriate to their instrument. Please do not play the theme.
  • Applicants may choose tempo, feel and key.
  • Drummers should demonstrate a range of standard jazz-related grooves within their two chosen pieces, for example samba, 3/4 swing and even 8s ECM style.
  • If appropriate to their level and experience of playing jazz, pianists, guitarists and drummers must demonstrate an interactive, small group approach; pianists must comp for a bass solo, guitarists for a piano solo.


This year so far has been a challenging time and COVID-19 has caused disruption in all our lives. If you would like to apply to NYOS for 2021 activities, but are hesitant to do so due to not having your usual access to instruments, lessons and music making opportunities, please do not let this be a barrier.

We understand the obstacles musicians currently face and are fully flexible in accommodating applicants’ needs as best we can. Our application process is straightforward, and all auditions are submitted via recorded video this year.

If you foresee any issues with submitting an online application and/or audition, please reach out to us to discuss.

We realise Percussionists in particular may not have access to instruments at the moment and again we would like to reiterate to get in touch if you wish to apply, but are unable to access instruments for your recorded audition.

Contact us on