NYOS Jazz BopCamp 2022

Jazz musicians and tutors posing for a group photograph


NYOS Jazz is back! From 6-8 April 2022 NYOS Jazz BopCamp took place at Gartmore House in Stirling. After two years of virtual lessons, everyone connected with NYOS Jazz was delighted to be rehearsing in person again, at last. There was great energy coming through from all the students from day one and it was also particularly pleasing to see an eclectic mix of instruments, not all traditionally associated with jazz, in the room, including a bassoon, a violin and a flute. Long may it continue!

On day two of the course, we were joined by the outstanding jazz vocalist Sophie Bancroft as a visiting tutor. Everyone, especially the young vocalists, felt very fortunate to be working with such a renowned musician

The course was a great success and culminated with some fantastic small band performances for invited friends and family. All the young instrumentalists and vocalists had opportunities to refine their improvisation and key solo and ensemble skills, and we look forward to keeping them company as they continue along the pathway to participation in our flagship Jazz Orchestra. 

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