NYOS China Tour 2015 - Reflection


I'm an emotional wreck right now, crying my eyes out in the back of the bus as I write this.  Every aspect of this tour has been incredible. The music, concert halls, house staff, our wonderful conductor and soloist, the food, the sightseeing... And the talented, unique, fun-loving, enthusiastic, hard-working and totally irreplaceable team of musicians that have surrounded me for the whole of these two weeks. You guys are amazing, thank you for making this tour so special. Finally to everyone who helped make this happen, benefactors, parents, everyone who went to our concerts, and most importantly NYOS staff, I think I speak for everyone when I say this is a trip we will never forget. Thank you!

The Great Wall was the best tourist day for me. Climbing it gives such a feeling of accomplishment and satisfaction, not forgetting the insane views from the top. The silk factory visit deserves a mention, as well as the Temple of Heaven. But my favourite part of everything has to be the Tianjin crowd's reaction at the end of our concert. The look of enjoyment on their faces was completely worth the hours of rehearsals, travel, and work put in by everyone. I know I'm going to miss the bus 1 banter and the ridiculous hats and the crazy sprinting to catch various types of transportation. But I also know that I'll always remember this amazing trip. Also if you're ever in doubt: it's probably the "slowly, from The Bit in the Rach"

Emilie Colliar, Violin 1

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