NYOS and the Environment


The National Youth Orchestras of Scotland (NYOS) is committed to reducing its impact on the environment and promoting environmentally sustainable practice in all its activities. As the world faces the very real and serious threat of the climate emergency, we believe we have a responsibility to contribute to and work towards a more sustainable future within the cultural sector and for Scotland as a whole.

In May 2017 NYOS joined forces with Creative Carbon Scotland and other cultural organisations in a bid to reduce carbon emissions within our organisations and across our sector. As part of this commitment, we established the ‘NYOS Green Team’.

Our now well-established Green Team meets monthly and works at every level of the organisation to reduce our carbon footprint and effectively reduce our consumption of non-renewables. To do so, we utilise tools to monitor and record all our activities and discuss where best to place our efforts. The NYOS Green Team is also responsible for the ongoing development of our Environmental and Sustainability Policy, which outlines all that we have achieved so far and what we have committed to do, in future, to reduce waste and emissions across all our activities. This policy is reviewed annually.

In 2018 NYOS became an active member of Creative Carbon Scotland’s Green Arts Initiative. The initiative established a community of practice to support Scottish arts organisations in a bid to reduce their environmental impact.

In 2019 we also became part of the Scottish Classical Sustainability Group (SCSG), made up of over 30 members, including large symphony orchestras, small ensembles, festivals, and individual musicians from across Scotland. Collectively we work together towards net-zero emissions and a more sustainable future in the classical music sector.

As part of the Green Arts Initiative and the Scottish Classical Sustainability Group, we believe cultural organisations can play a key role in moving towards a net-zero future and we are delighted to have helped contribute to the SCSG Green Guide.

To illustrate our ongoing commitment to a sustainable future we wanted to contribute in a meaningful way. We also wanted to do something positive and fun, and hopefully encourage others to do the same. We contacted the Scottish Wildlife Trust to ask about ways we could contribute and protect our natural environment. And in April 2020 NYOS became the proud parent of Tchaikovsky, our adopted red squirrel.

To find out more about ways you can help protect Scotland’s precious natural environment for the future visit the Scottish Wildlife Trust.org.


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