Frequently Asked Questions

How many board meetings do I need to attend each year?

There are 4 board meetings each calendar year. We hope that you will be able to attend all of these. If for any reason you are unable to attend a board meeting in person, it will be possible to join digitally.

What happens during a typical board meeting?

In the weeks leading up to the board meeting, the Chief Executive will send Trustees a report on NYOS’s recent activities as well as up-to-date financial information and an agenda. A broad range of issues will be discussed, with the ultimate focus being to ensure that NYOS is meeting its strategic aims, in a financially strong position, and diligently managing any potential risks.

How else might I be asked to contribute as a Trustee?

Some Trustees join sub-committees, which are smaller groups that hold additional meetings throughout the year to focus on a specific area of governance. There might also be occasions where you meet with members of the NYOS management team to provide insight and advice on aspects of our work according to your interests and background.  

Is the role paid?

No, this is a voluntary role, but to ensure that Trustees aren’t financially disadvantaged by participating, we will cover reasonable travel, accommodation, and loss of earnings incurred in the course of your duties.

Do I need any musical qualifications to apply?

No, we only ask that you share our dedication to providing Scotland’s young musicians with exceptional musical opportunities and removing barriers that might prevent young people from underrepresented groups from participating.